2002 - After working 8 years in late 2002 Jorge Montesino decided to put on hold his Thrash Metal band DISORDER to look for new members to form a new band in the Thrash/Death metal vein originally called SPIRITUAL DEMISE but then changed to CONCEIVED BY HATE. Carlos Basagoitia and Rene Vega completed the first line-up.

2003 - The band finally had a stable line up and immediately began with live shows.

2005 - “Lost in the Gardens of Hate”, a 4 track demo released independently (200 copies).

2007 – Raul Cárcamo (Singer) leaves the band.

2008 - The band welcomes a new singer J.C. Osegueda.  August, CbyH’s own Recording Studio called ES METAL STUDIO is founded. Recordings for their coming EP began.

2009 - First EP called “Witness of Decay” was released as an independent effort (500 copies), in August, the band signs contract with Twilight Vertrieb (Germany) for European Distribution.

2010 – June, the first Professional Video Clip is released online, the song “Witness of Decay”. November, Gerardo Chavez (Drums) leaves the band.

2012 – June, the first full length called “Pestilence Reborn” is released as independent effort (500 copies). Also second Professional Video Clip for the song “At The Gates Of NoWhere” is presented.

2013 – January, the band parted ways with Vocalist Juan Carlos Osegueda and Jorge Montesino handles the vocals as “Morbid”. Late this year a 7” Split Vinyl called “Selective Procreations” is release in limited 500 black vinyl run with Chilean band NUCLEAR released by MORBID SKULL RECORDS in co-production with Chilean label SICK BANGERS.

2014 – The band welcome Hellbastard to do the vocals for live sessions but after some months he became a permanent member. Another Split now in 12” Vinyl format called “Below The Deck Of Opulence” with the legendary DECEASED (United States) is released by MORBID SKULL RECORDS.

2015 – New split called “Coalition Of Death” is released with Colombian thrashers AKHERON always by MORBID SKULL RECORDS. The band is currently composing new material for the second full length.


Conceived By Hate Line Up:

  • Morbid (Guitars/Vocals)
  • Tulio (Keyboards)
  • Carlos (Bass)
  • Iosif (Drums)
  • Rene (Guitars)





  • Lost In The Gardens Of Hate (Demo) – 2005 – Self Released
  • Witness Of Decay (EP) – 2009 – Self Released
  • Pestilence Reborn – 2012 – Self Released
  • Selective Procreations (Split 7” w/NUCLEAR) - 2013 – Morbid Skull Records
  • Below The Deck of Opulence (Split 12” w/DECEASED) - 2014 – Morbid Skull Records
  • Coalition Of Death (Split CD w/AKHERON) - 2015 – Morbid Skull Records



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