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Salvadorian death/thrash metal act CONCEIVED BY HATE unveil art for their upcoming Full Length called “Death & Beyond”, release date will be announced soon!

“Death & Beyond”

Salvadorian death/thrash metal act CONCEIVED BY HATE has released the art for their second Full Length album, Death & Beyond; soon a first single will be launched.

M.Q. comments: "We have been working hard unleashing releases every year since 2012 and we felt this was the time for a full album, after almost 15 fucking years we are still hungry and thirsty to evoke and create more releases. Personally "Death & Beyond" as a title suited the album perfectly as a whole since brought the stench of death metal that we all share, for me this is not an evolution or a more "mature" release, its an attempt of getting backwards to feel the old roots that are the fuel for the flame to inspiration, if you are looking for a technical, egocentric or virtuosism approach you will not find it here, this is metal to the skull, fucking Death Metal!. All was recorded at Devil's Eve Studio in San Salvador, El Salvador."

Death & Beyond track listing:

I - Crossroad Of Fire
II - This Is Underground
III - Chaos Upon Us
IV - The Underdog
V - We Choose Who Suffers
VI - Worship The Old Ways
VII - Below The Pale Sky
VIII - Summoning The Graves
IX - Death & Beyond

MORBID SKULL RECORDS will put out some of the release formats soon to be announced.


C.B. Bass
R.V. Guitars
M.Q. Guitars/Vomits
T.M. Keyboards
V.K. Drums



After releasing the Vinyl LP Split with legendary DECEASED (United States) a new Split with Colombian Thrashers AKHERON called “Coalition Of Death” will be release on March 10th by MORBID SKULL RECORDS (El Salvador) as Die Hard and Regular CD version packages. There will be also another release by the label VIUDA NEGRA MUSIC (Colombia) as Digipak. The Vinyl format will be announced soon.

cbyh deseased vinyl split


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